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The Carbon Factor is a measurement of overall carbon emissions related to greenhouse gases of, but not limited to, products, materials, transportation, business operations and manufacturer operations based on the accepted sciences and standards developed as a result of climate change protocols. The corporate accounting and mathematical calculations of carbon emissions are well established and standardized as a result of governmental and non-governmental organizations. One example is the World Resources Institute’s Greenhouse Gas Protocol. Sciences and standards will be adopted and integrated since ICEMAN is the application of these sciences. The Carbon Factor however will take into account certain factors that may impact the overall carbon emission calculations such as, but not limited to, sustainability, renewable energy usage, carbon offsets, acquisition of carbon credits and any carbon emissions mitigation or reduction programs, such as but not limited to, carbon sinks, clean development mechanisms or joint implementation projects. The calculations of the reduction of carbon emissions associated with programs in reducing or mitigating carbon emissions will follow regular well established and standardized calculations however they will be assigned their equivalent as a negative number thereby reducing the overall carbon emissions value known as the Carbon Factor.

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