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Telemark President Discusses Carbon Neutral Technologies

Similar Presentation to be Made Later this Month in Norway at Zero Emissions Conference 2010 in Oslo, (ZERO10).
BRIDGEHAMPTON, N.Y.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Telemark, Inc. president Frank Dalene, who was the visionary behind the formation of the Hamptons Green Alliance, an association of building and related-service professionals in the Hamptons who promote green building and maintenance practices, is sharing his unique perspective on moving toward a low carbon society as it relates to the building industry in two conferences – one in the US held earlier this month in New York and the second to be held in Norway at the end of the month.
“a modern world where carbon emissions cause no threat to nature and environment”
Dalene recently participated in a session led by Dr. Nay Htun of Stony Brook University and Advanced Energy Center, “Innovative Pathways toward Low Carbon Society: Policy and Technologies” during the recent 2010 Advanced Energy Conference at the New York Hilton. The conference is recognized as New York State’s premiere conference for advanced energy and brings together thousands of individuals from academia, business, and government to discuss a wide variety of issues in the energy field. Dalene’s presentation described “Functional Net Zero, Carbon Neutral Technologies” as they relate to the conversion of an existing home into a high performance ultra-green home.
Dalene will be presenting similar information later this month at The Zero Emissions Conference 2010 (ZERO10) in Oslo, Norway, where he was invited at the request of Einar Håndlykken, the CEO of ZERO (Zero Emissions Resource Organisation). ZERO is a non- profit foundation with a vision of “a modern world where carbon emissions cause no threat to nature and environment”. Norway has declared it will be carbon neutral by 2030 and is recognized as one of the most advanced countries in this area. The Oslo conference will bring together experts from around the world to discuss the latest in sustainable energy practices and technologies.
In the presentation, Dalene described the Net Zero technologies that have been included in the HGA House, a home that was completely rebuilt by members of the Hamptons Green Alliance following a devastating fire that destroyed the home. Known as the HGA House, the team integrated multiple means, methods of design and construction to achieve maximum efficiencies – a term that they have coined: Systems Integrated Home. Included in this home are:
• Passive features from the architect’s design such as increased soffits to maximize solar gain in winter and maximize shading in summer
• A south facing orientation
• High efficiency windows
• Spray foam insulation – low expansion foam around windows, doors
• HERS Rating 25 was achieved – tests check for air leakage in ducts and the house; all ductwork in conditioned space and sealed; all joints caulked to decrease air infiltration
• Low Flow fixtures and dual flush toilets
• A rainwater harvesting tank to collect rainwater from gutters for irrigation
• LED lighting using 85% less energy than conventional bulbs and designed to last for 50,000 hours
• Smart house technology including LED screens on first and second floor to monitor house readings; programmable systems that turn on and off should an alarm sound; all rooms pre-wired for future programming; home energy monitoring
• A high efficiency wood burning fireplace to provide clean and efficient burning to minimize heat loss – the fireplace produces 50,000 BUT/hr.
• Energy Star appliances and electrical systems
• Geothermal system – open loop, two stage, variable speed with all ductwork insulated and sealed
• Solar thin film on the south facing part of house
• Solar panels on the east and west facing roof
• Solar thermal – for summer mode to provide domestic hot water and heat dump for pool heat mixing with the return water from the pool; the winter mode also supplies domestic hot water with the excess hot water going through hot water heating coils to distribute heat through the ductwork to heat the house as a primary heat source.
New technologies were integrated into the house including:
• LED lighting – CREE LR-6 high hats using only 12.5 watts of input power to deliver 1000 lumens, the LR6-DR1000 has unmatched fixture efficacy of up to 84 lumens per watt. It consumes half the energy of a typical CFL down light while delivering the same light output.
• Micro inverters for solar thin film photovoltaic
• Building integrated photovoltaics
• Solar thermal winter mode heat dump
• Whole house monitoring system.
Dalene also described in his presentation development of The International Carbon Equivalent Mechanism Attributed to Neutrality, (ICEMAN), which enables a Carbon Factor Index to be computed for any manufactured product, including an entire home. According to Dalene, the HGA House is certified carbon negative under his ICEMAN Carbon Factor Index in that it reduces more carbon emissions than the carbon emitted, achieving a CFI of 396, (The lower the number the more carbon is emitted – 100 is considered carbon neutral). The project earned carbon credits as a result of a mitigation effort defined by the EPA Waste Reduction Model, (WARM). As a result of recycling construction waste by landfill avoidance the HGA House reduced greenhouse gases, by almost four fold, than was emitted during construction including the embodied carbon footprint of the materials used. Even though the HGA House used several means to mitigate and reduce its embodied carbon footprint Dalene believes a significant
discovery has been made by understanding the importance of recycling of construction materials in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
About the Hamptons Green Alliance
The Hamptons Green Alliance (HGA) is an association of building and related-service professionals in the Hamptons on Long Island organized to promote green building and maintenance practices. The brain-child of Hamptons-based Telemark, a high quality, well respected builder and organized with fellow tradesmen committed to green building practices from the area, HGA provides information on materials, systems and best-practices for building and maintaining carbon-neutral , zero-energy homes and ecological landscapes via its website and other public forums. Members are leaders in their respective fields. HGA’s goal is to be a resource for proven green and ecological practices and is driven by a commitment to use the Alliance’s combined expertise to make the planet greener. For more information, visit

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